Monday, February 18, 2013

What I listen to - The Dead Robots' Society Podcast

"By aspiring writers, for aspiring writers."

This is the tagline for the popular podcast called The Dead Robots' Society.  Currently at 259 episodes, as of this writing (although they may be at 260 when this actually posts), Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon, and Paul E. Cooley meeting weekly to talk about writing, the business of the craft, and even interview science fiction/fantasy/horror writers.

But their tagline is a bit of a lie, as all three are not aspiring writers--they are accomplished in the field with publications to their name:

Justin Macumber - author of A Minor Magic and Haywire, all of which can be found on his website and Amazon.

Terry Mixon - self-published author of several erotica fiction (I believe under a pen name).

Paul E. Cooley - author of the "Garaaga" series.

A bit of a warning for those not accustomed to foul language (not sure who you are, but I'm positive there are a few dozen out there by now), there is some thrown around, but the information concerning publishing and the craft of writing is valuable.

Podcasts around typically around an hour in length, and the episodes nowadays seem to be more the three of them talking about the business and craft of writing than interviews.

So, be sure to check out The Dead Robots' Society Podcast . . . and be inspired.

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