Friday, October 17, 2014

Stay out of debt / Happenings In The Outhouse 17-Oct-2014

There are tons of writing advice out there:

Butt in chair, hands on keyboard.

Write everyday.

Think of your writing as a business.

And so on . . . and so forth . . .

Now, all of this is fine, great, and dandy.  However, I am going in a different direction when it comes to writing, especially when you're thinking of self-publishing (indie publishing).  Here it is:

Stay out of debt
When I examine what I'd love my publishing empire to look like, one major factor hinders it.  Debt.  The dreaded d-word.  Debt has hindered much of what I've been able to accomplish.  I've had to do everything on a shoestring budget.  From covers to editing and everything in between, our major debt load has handcuffed me.
But has it stopped me?  No.  I just keep trucking, working a full-time job and diligently working at reducing our debt.
So, although the sit-butt-in-chair-and-write-everyday writing advice is worthy noting, one very few talk about is debt.
Stay out of debt.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Don't throw in the towel yet / Happenings In The Outhouse 10-Oct-2014

You feel like everyone is out to stop you from achieving what you want to achieve.

Your spouse, who has supported you for years, is now doubting the time you spend on your craft.

Your friends slowly peel away the time you have allotted to your craft, to do mindless, chemical-induced tasks.

Your family--none of which have ever really supported you anyway and told you just to "be like everyone else"--keeps nagging at you to do this and that, that and this.

The dedications to your books were once the list of those proud supporting souls.  Now, you feel like eliminating the dedications altogether.

The time you had dedicated is limited more and more like a knife whittling on a piece of wood.

And, of course, there are those who tell you they follow your blog, yet fail to ask you about the book you just published last month or the new cover you just commissioned or the latest promotion--hint, they're not really reading your blog.

There are times when you think Ernest Hemingway or Robin Williams had a good idea when they decided to end their careers on their terms.

Sound familiar?

If it does, do this.  Don't throw in the towel.  Don't do it for me or for your friends or even for your family (your kids, if you've been blessed to have them, seem to be immune to the poisonous drama of the other family members and may be your biggest cheerleaders).

Do it for the fan who has yet to find you.

Also, do it for yourself.

Don't throw in the towel.  Yes, life can suck at times, but focus on your craft.

The world depends on it.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The makeover of Beholder's Eye

Beholder's Eye has recently undergone a transformation.  Well, not a very major one.  But I did add something to the beginning.

I added a prologue.

(insert wave around the stadium here)

For those who already purchased it, the new edition should be automatically updated.  For those who haven't, I feel it's a nice addition.  It adds a little more flavor to the story, and has more of a typical thriller feel to it as well.

Hope you like it.

Here's the Amazon link to purchase the book or acquire it through the Kindle Unlimited program.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

How is your year so far? / Happenings In The Outhouse 03-Oct-2014

With this being the first week of October, this is the final three months of the year.  How are your 2014 goals coming along?

Earlier in the year, I made an effort to whittle down the list from over eighteen down to a more manageable twelve.  I have finished six so far--half, for those mathematically-challenged.

Not bad.

For 2015, my focus will be on two things: publishing more and losing weight.

That's it.  Of course, my goals aren't that simple.  They are specific, like lose 10 pounds by this date or to publish X amount of novels.

How are your 2014 goals?

Have you started thinking about 2015 goals?

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Oh, BTW, I'm putting the finishing touches on the "new and improved" Beholder's Eye.  Stay tuned.  Next week, I'll share what it is.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My interview on Ognian Georgiev's blog

I was recently featured on Ognian Georgiev's blog, interviewing me in regards to my latest novel Killzone: Book 1 of the Shadowkill Trilogy.

The link can be found here:

Check it out, and be sure to also check out Ognian's fascinating book The White Prisoner

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 26-Sept-2014 / The silent approach

Aside from the authors who publish one book and, when they do not see any grand success from it and quit, authors can be (somewhat) divided into two camps:

1) publish one book and promote the hell out of it

2) publish one book, then another, then another, then another . . . leaving the marketing promotion machine to simply function as a funnel from one story to the next

It irrirates me when I see authors go gangbusters on a first novel, ranking in the top ten in several categories, only to have nothing else to follow it up with.

I am in the second camp.  I call it the silent approach.  I don't suggest publishing the way I have been, stories in several genres with no clear funnel from one to the next.  But I am changing it, and am in the process of creating several products to do just that: to lead readers from one to the next.

Also, I have a surprise for you.  I am adding something to Beholder's Eye.  I'll share what that is shortly.

I am around the 15,000 word count in the sequel to Beholder's Eye.  It's coming along great.

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