Monday, April 1, 2013

What I listen to - The Roundtable Podcast

Literary alchemists unite!

Ever wonder how a writer comes up with a story?  Ever wonder how the creative mind works, melting and mashing ideas and plots together to form the next (or so they hope) bestseller?

Never fear, The Roundtable Podcast is here and will serve up the literary gold we are so yearning to achieve!

Hosts Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey do something a little different with The Roundtable Podcast.  They typically run two shows a week.  The first one is called "20 minutes with" and they interview a writer or editor or podcaster or publisher about their work.  Then, that guest will return for the second installment where they workshop a story.  This second show features someone who needs help with their story and use the creative mojo of Dave, Brion, and the guest host to turn that idea into . . . LITERARY GOLD!

The Roundtable Podcast is on their second year (congrats!) and the energy that Dave brings to the podcast is infectious--in a good way!  His introductions to guest hosts and the workshop author are legendary, and his rich energizing voice will keep you coming back to the podcast for each and every installment.

You do not want to miss The Roundtable Podcast.  Add it to your growing list today.

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