Friday, January 12, 2018

Sequel to Beholder's Eye / Happenings In The Outhouse 12-Jan-2018

I am busy working on the immediate sequel to Beholder's Eye.
Now, before you tell me there already is a second book (and as many as four in the Central Division Series so far), let me stress the word "immediate."
When I was working on the edits to Beholder's Eye, digging deep into the mind of a serial killer and mental illness, I questioned how it all came to be.  I ended the novel on a happy note (happy is relative, depending on your point of view) but where I left off was the aftermath of the destruction the serial killer caused.
How did the killer do it?
How much planning was involved?
I am a sucker for true crime stuff.  Especially about serial killers, but true crime in general.  Sometimes the true crimes are more fascinating (again, fascinating is relative, because at the heart of it is the cruelty towards another person, albeit an innocent one) than fiction.
This immediate sequel, tentatively titled Training Grounds, answers the questions revolving around the killer's planning.  I will share a link when it becomes available for pre-order.
Speaking of pre-orders (see what I did there?), Strange Birth: Book One of the Repel Trilogy is up for pre-sale.  Please click on this link.  The book is set for a February 1st, 2018, release date.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Many of my stories are set in Minnesota / Happenings In The Outhouse 05-Jan-2018

Stephen King is synonymous (or at least in much of his early works) with Maine.

John Grisham, by and large, is synonymous with the Deep South.

Think of your favorite author for a moment.  Chances are, there's a familiar setting that goes along with it.


I have lived in Northern Minnesota all my life.  Despite the cold winters, I do love it here.  In looking at my life-long writing goal, I wish to do to Minnesota with what Stephen King has done to Maine.

If you dig deep enough into my various stories, you'll notice threads of real places throughout Minnesota and even North Dakota.

On another front, Strange Birth: Book One of the Repel Trilogy - An Order of Freaks Superhero Novel is up for pre-sale.  Publication date is February 1st, 2018.  Please click on the link for your favorite e-retailer.

Here's the cover: