Monday, April 22, 2013

Take the time to do it right

You've devoted months--if not years--of your life writing a book.  You've sent it off to beta readers, filtered through the feedback, and now you believe you have a polished manuscript.  You may have even shopped it around to agents and/or publishers with no bites.  Now you wish to self-publish--a movement that has been growing these last few years.

Without thinking, you upload it onto the Amazon KDP and/or Smashwords site, not even bothering to read up on formatting, etc.

Bad, bad move.

Much like the actual writing of the book, take a little time to format it right.  I learned this the hard way--almost--when I started formatting Guest of Honor.  Let me be up-front on this though.  The formatting and preparing can be a pain in the butt.

But it's worth it.  Take the time to research and do it right.

Check out a sample even of Guest of Honor, and please give me an honest review of it.  Heck, it's only $.99.  Less than a bottle of pop, and it'll last a lot longer.  I even have a short story added and a sample chapter of Beholder's Eye.  Cheap entertainment.

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