Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When life throws you a curveball, do this!

It's easy not to do something when life gets you down.  But in the long haul, you're going to suffer.

In other words, when life throws you a curveball . . . DO SOMETHING!

Two years ago, my wife Melissa was diagnosed with acute myleoid leukemia.  The next day, we found ourselves 372 miles away from our hometown down to Rochester, Minnesota, home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic.  The long and the short of it: they saved her life.

In those two years, I could've sat back and just done nothing.  But I didn't.  I started this blog just prior to her diagnosis, and within those two years started looking for ways to take writing to a serious level--I had always wanted to be a successful writer before, but for some reason things didn't start clicking into place.  I had already written five novels and over a dozen short stories, but could just never seem to get traction on them.

But I kept working at them.

I kept writing.

In the end, I did something.  I moved forward.  I will admit, life is hard.  Just punch it in the face and move on.  In the words of the great philospher El Nike: "JUST DO IT!"

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