Friday, April 5, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 05-Apr-2013 / Get your facts straight when it comes to geography

I learned a valuable lesson Thursday--one that would've been embarassing if I let it slip through.

I'm currently in the final editing stage of Guest of Honor, my 10,000 word novelette inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 1974 film version, not the 2003, although the newer film does hold some merit).  As we speak I am roughly halfway through it.  On a whim, I launched onto Google Maps Thursday to look at the town the story is set near--note that I did not say set in; it is actually set 4 miles south of this town, which really does exist.  I took a small tour on the Google Street View, then for some reason I went to the town's Wikipedia page..

Then I saw it.  A glaring error in my story.

In the beginning, there is an eighteen-year old girl hitchhiking down towards the Twin Cities.  A cop picks her up and gives her a ride to the county line.  There's only one problem: the county line in real life is really only a mile south of the town and in the story it's more closer to ten.


Good thing it hasn't been published yet.  That would've been embarassing.

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