Monday, April 15, 2013

One's opinion of crap is another's great love

There isn't a single book or movie or other form of art out there that everyone loves.  Someone out there is going to call the it crap--even the Sistine Chapel.

Over a hundred years ago when the pulp magazines came out, they were criticized by scholars for their lack of literary merit.  The same is true with comic books.  But despite the so-called lack of literary merit--which I think is a BS statement--they did serve the purpose of entertaining and sparking the imaginations of millions.

Nowadays with the gatekeepers in the traditional publishing business keeping as many doors closed as possible--not literally but this may be emerging simply due to cut-backs and the overworked jobs of editors and agents--writers are seeking the self-publishing route more than ever.

The big issue that emerges is this: with this new flood of writers, the level of "crap" being published is up, so therefore all self-published stories are crap.  This is completely false.  Sure, I will admit, there is a fair level of self-published works that could use an editorial hand or a new cover or just be scrapped altogether.  But there are gems out there.

We just need to find it.

Oh, by the way, a lot of so-called "literary" literature set up on pedastals I feel are a bunch of crap.  Just my opinion.

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