Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sorry, it's not for me

Over this past weekend, I watched two movies that I borrowed from the local library: The Avengers and Lincoln.  One I liked and the other one made me yawn.  Can you guess which one?

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln won all sorts of awards, but it bored the ever-loving crap out of me.  Truthfully, it took me three nights just to watch the whole thing.  Then again, it wasn't made for me.  The Avengers on the other hand was awesome--a little confusing in places, but overall a great flick.

When you're writing or creating whatever work of art or even in business, you need to knowwho your customers are.  Not everyone is going to buy from you.  Not everyone is an Apple lover or wants to eat lunch at McDonald's.  If you're writing a thriller, your potential audience will probably not consist of those who are into erotica--unless your thriller is bent in that way.

Remember that when you're creating your project.  Not everyone is going to love it.  But you need to find out who will.

Speaking of creating something, I want to remind you that last week my novelette Guest of Honor is up for sale for $.99 on the Amazon Kindle store--in the near future I'll be uploading it to Smashwords, and I'll announce when that's available as well.

Here's the cover below:

And here's a link to purchase it:

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