Friday, May 31, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 31-May-2013 / Deadline looms!

The May 31st deadline to finish Shadowkill has come . . . and gone.  I am currently at almost 64K words, 312 pages, and I am nearing the end.

The major plot points are converging nicely, better than expected, and even tied an event in the end to the prologue.  I'm so close to getting it done that if you follow my Twitter feed (search MarkSRPeterson in Twitter if you have an account and follow me--more than likely I'll follow back) I will announce it on there.  It should happen this weekend--or possibly even tonight.

I have a bit of work to do on it, but it'll have to sit for a while as I work on other writing projects.  It's only a first draft, and even if I get close to 70K before the end, I still feel that is a bit light on the word count.

Then again, that's what editing and future drafts are for.

I am halfway through my final polish edits with Beholder's Eye.  By and large, it's good.  Just a few minor points I'm fixing.  I'm still brainstorming a cover.  I haven't quite found one that I'm just jumping for joy over.

Once Shadowkill is done I have the first draft of an inspirational piece I'm working on.  I'll hold back on the title at this time, but this one will probably be a novella.  I will also put it out on the Kindle and Smashwords, just like "Guest of Honor".

**Updated note: as of 11:30pm on May 31st, I finished Shadowkill.  It's over 67K words on a first draft.  Finished it right on schedule.**

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