Monday, June 3, 2013

Where do you keep your ideas?

For the second time this summer, I mowed the lawn.  At least three times during my forays around the yard--I only got about halfway done before darkness ensued and I had to quit--I stopped and pulled out my phone.

To the average person walking by, they'd probably think I was texting something.  I wasn't.  I was jotting down notes.

I love my Motorola Android.  I have a few note-taking features and even a task manager for keeping track of ideas: brand new story ideas, blog post ideas, story development ideas.

If I'm driving, however, I use the Easy Voice Recorder App to record my ideas--I'm sure jotting them down is just as dangerous as texting while driving, so I'm not going there.

If I'm at work and cannot pull out my phone to jot a note, I e-mail it to myself from my work address to my gmail account.  Then, later, I'll transfer it to wherever it needs to go.

I also love using Stickies to jot notes.

What are your tips for handling/keeping track of ideas?  Or even just plain jotting them down?  Please comment below on any new ideas I didn't cover to share with others.

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