Monday, May 13, 2013

The 50K milestone (plus the title of the new book)

I hit a milestone this morning.  I hit 50K as a word count on my new book.

Saturday morning, I was 600 words shy of 50K.  I posted it on Facebook, proclaiming my productive morning, and then someone asked me what it was about.

First, let me share the title: Shadowkill.

What is it about?  I'm calling it Pacific Rim meets Zero Dark Thirty, with a dash of Iron Man.  Interesting huh?

Why wasn't I able to finish the remaining 600 words until Monday morning, you may ask?  Well, I probably would have, but life seems to throw a curve ball or two from time to time.  First, with my wife still recovering from her battle with leukemia, a lot of the housework and child-raising is set on my shoulders.  I'm asking for no pity from anyone--and do not feel one bit sorry for me.  I schedule my writing time between all this, and the bulk of it is done during the week anyway.  Weekends are usually set aside for blog posts.

The second event that happened was my niece had a bad accident while practicing gynmatics (with my 9-year-old daughter) and hit her head.  She hit it so hard she was immediately taken to the emergency room, and then airlifted from the hospital in Grand Forks, ND, down to Minneapolis.  As of Sunday night, she's back at home.  She has three fractures in her vertebrae and has to wear a neck brace for 12 weeks.  It could've been a lot worse, and we're thankful that it wasn't.

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