Monday, May 6, 2013

How your success can be like SimCity

If you've played SimCity or SimCity 2000 (or any other version of it(, then I'm sure this will be familiar to you: in deciding to maximize your success in the video game, you hit pause on your world and build everything that you can.

But wait!  I don't have the money!

Yes you do, if you know the "cheats."

Okay, with several million dollars in your account, you build the biggest, baddest world you can.  Then, you unpause it.  What happens?

Your world turns ugly in a hurry.

A 2011 Smart Money article showed statistics that lottery winners go backrupt twice as often as the rest of the general population.  The reason I bring this last part up is because doing the "cheats" in SimCity are like winning the lottery.  The most successful people did it . . . by working hard.

Rewind the tape and begin your SimCity city again.  Start it slow, building up roads and power plants and electricity and water pipes and . . . okay, you get it.  Your chances of success are much higher there.  Why?  Because you worked at it and prepared yourself mentally for it.  You built a better foundation.

Take my recent publication, my novelette Guest of Honor on Amazon.  Am I out there, pushing and pushing people to buy it?  Not yet--but you better believe it that I want people to buy it though.  I'm waiting to build my arsenal . . . to build my "long tail" as Chris Anderson puts it.

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