Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I listen to - a brief glimpse into history

I grew up in the age of the good ol' Sony Walkman.

Nowadays, it's more like this:

The first Walkmans played cassettes, which I shamefully admit I still have stacks and stacks of.  Even when the portable CD player came blazing onto the scene, I still clung to my Walkman.  I acquired a few CDs over the years since then but I loved my Walkman.

But all that has changed with the new (okay, not quite that new) music revolution.  I don't have an iPod but I do have an MP3 player--sorry, the iPods are too expensive for my taste at this point.  So, with that being said, I listen to various podcasts on my MP3 player.  Many, of which, I listen to regularily.  Over time, I'm going to share what those are in-depth.  However, for those impatient ones out there, if you head on over to my Recommended Reading link, you'll find a number of these podcasts already.

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