Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I don't like about summer

Normally I love summer.  The weather is warm, we spend quite a bit of time at the local swimming pool, and a few weekends a month we're able to go camping.  I can go walking at night without a jacket, and take the time to play catch with my son and daughters.

With the kids not being in school for June through August, they also get to sleep in.  I can also write longer in the morning, as I usually quit around eight o'clock.  However, with it staying light until well past nine at night, the kids don't start rolling into bed until around nine-thirty or ten.

And that cuts into my writing time, big time.

During the school year, the kids are usually in bed by nine and soon after I'm down in my office writing.  As I typically get up between five-thirty and six, I try to get to bed around eleven.  If the kids are just rolling into bed around ten, my writing time dips closer to midnight.

I normally love summer, but my writing time at night seems to be cut short a little.  Not complaining, really.  I'm actually writing this blog post on the weekend while the kids are outside playing.  Note to all of you parents out there, who aspire to be writers: discipline yourself to find the time to write; if you're passionate about writing, you will find the time.

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