Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I refuse to blog about

There have been times when I've wanted so desperately to post something--a topic or an event that just "chaps my hide" in other words--but I don't.


From the beginning, I've geared this blog to be primarily about writing and the business of writing.  So, when an unfortunate event happened to my wife last year at the Hope Lodge in Rochester, MN, I had a blog post all ready to go, blasting them and the American Cancer Association right out of the water.  But I deleted it.  It wasn't worth it.  Then, when I read about what some celebrity did or said and I wanted to write a scathing retort, I didn't.  Because it wasn't worth getting all bent out of shape over it.

Over the years, I was an avid political debate watcher--especially the Presidental debates.  I'd study them, watching the entire thing because, quite frankly, the mainstream media doesn't get it right--go figure, huh?  All that has changed.  I'm not sharing what political affiliation I'm in because that's not what this blog is about.  I could . . . but I won't.  I also haven't watched a debate since the last Presidential election almost 4 years ago.  Does it have to do with the current administration?  Possibly.  But, once again, it's not worth it.  I have no control over what the government does.  The only control I have is over my own life.

In the end, when I write something, I ask myself if it furthers the purpose of this blog and the readers.  If it does, I post it.  If it doesn't, it goes in the trash.

And there's plenty of trash out there already without me adding to it.

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