Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Before And After Picture Of An Edited Page

Writers, like myself, tell others how their pages look after they're done editing it.  But, in the act of showing vs. telling, I thought I'd share a few pictures on what that looks like.  Keep in mind, my editing process goes like this: I'll read a page once, just to get a feeling of what it's trying to tell (or show) me; then, on the second and third read-through, I'll make all sorts of notations on what needs to be changed.  By the time I've read it through three times, I can't read any more on it there are so many notations.  Here they are:

This is page 167 of Beholder's Eye before any editing--this is not the first draft, mind you, but a clean copy that I intend to attack with my pen soon afterwards.

This is page 167 after a single reading, along with a healthy slashing from my pen.

Here are two other examples, pages 165 and 166, afterwards.  Note my notation along the bottom of one page where I remind myself to take a picture of the next page before I murder it.

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