Friday, July 6, 2012

Happenings In The Outhouse 06-July-2012 / Bruce Willis vs. Keanu Reeves

This week, with the Fourth of July being right in the middle, was still fairly productive.  I started on chapters 31-33 of Beholder's Eye, and the editing of these shouldn't take too long, for they're shorter.  Chapter 31 is 4 pages long, 32 is also 4, and 33 is right now standing at 2 pages.

Chapter 33 is going through a huge revision, because at the end of it, the main character Kolin Raynes finds out some dramatic news regarding a family member and loads up on all of the firearms he can.  When I wrote this, I didn't question why he did this--I just thought it was cool, something like a cross between Die Hard and The Matrix.  Looking at it now, I question the character's motive.  Sure, he wants revenge, but doesn't need 7-8 various firearms in order to do it.  I cut that entire scene and lengthening other passages.  In the end, it'll probably be close to 4 pages as well.

As of this writing, chapter 31-33 are nearing the end of their editing stage.  By the weekend, I should complete them.

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