Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's the rush?

The mentality of several self-published (indie) authors is that they want to rush their work out into the world.  It seems that we've all become impatient with the waiting process.

This isn't just with indie authors, but that's one argument the "traditionalists" quote as their mantra, that all indie authors publish is crap and the publishing gatekeepers are there for a reason.

I disagree.

However, I do have to ask those indie authors: what's the rush?  My latest project, a novella titled Gabriel's Hope, is finished and now up on the Amazon Kindle site.  One part I was waiting on was the cover.  I will not mention where I got the cover from, but when I placed the order, I was quoted 3 days to completion.  Well, I placed the order on the 5th of October and the 8th came and went, with no cover.  Okay, I looked at their queue and yes, not only is this artist a top seller they also bumped the quoted completion date for new orders at 4 days.

Wednesday came and went.

Thursday came . . . and I got a notification that the cover was complete.  Keep in mind, all this time, I was still editing so the wait didn't bother me.  As of Saturday morning, on the 12th of October, I finished editing and was pleased that I was just barely over the 17,500 novella mark.

But no cover.

Wait!  Didn't I get an e-mail saying it was done.  Yes, I did.  But when I checked the site, the artist forgot to upload it.  So, I sent an e-mail back and was quoted a 48 hour turnaround before I get the cover back.

So I waited.  Then, it was done.

I'd say it was worth the wait.

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