Monday, October 21, 2013

Have a story template for new stories

I use Microsoft Word for all of my stories--as do many people.  But one thing that upset me every time I opened up a new file, I would have to go through all of the settings and fix them.

I had to change the font to Time Roman 12.

I had to change the line spacing from single to double-space.

It also started out in italics, and had to remove that.

Also, since I've published in the Amazon Kindle store and Smashwords (not currently on the latter), I had to format the identations so instead of using the tab key to create paragraphs, they would be automatically created once I hit return after the end of each paragraph.

Now, there is probably a way to make sure all new documents start out the way I want it.  I haven't figured it out, if there is.  In the meantime, I have a story template saved, which I use to start every new story.

You may want to consider using one, if you find yourself always changing new documents to format to your settings.

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