Monday, October 14, 2013

Gabriel's Hope - available now on the Kindle

My novella Gabriel's Hope is now up on the Amazon Kindle site.

About a year ago, I sat in church and a wave of emotion overcame me.  My wife, Melissa, has been battling the effects of her leukemia treatment for two and a half years, and for whatever reason I imagined (quite morbid, I know) the funeral, if one was to come about soon.

Then, a thought occurred to me: what if someone, on their deathbed, prayed to God?  Not all that unusual, but instead of a prayer, it was an apology.  What if the person apologized to God for leading such an unimportant life.

Gabriel's Hope is the result.  Originally titled, "Sorry, Lord, I didn't do enough" and then to "Obituary of a loser", the story is about such a guy who falls asleep and meets someone like an angel.  Her name is Gabriel.  Gabriel brings Larry Wahl, the main character, on a journey throughout his life, showing him seven people he helped out in a small way.  And those small ways led to big differences in those people's lives.

This is quite an offshoot from what I normally write.  But it's a story that I needed to tell.  It has a dramatic ending I wasn't quite prepared for, but it turned out to be right on.

Please check out my novella Gabriel's Hope.

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