Monday, October 7, 2013

Planning Q4

As we all roll out of Q3 and into Q4, let's take a look at those 2013 goals.  How are we doing?

It's funny how, in the span of this year, I've revised a few of my goals based on what story ideas struck me and what I want to accomplish.

I've placed a bit of importance on the creation on new stories vs. revising some of my "really old" stories.  Because of it, I hope to have two full-length novels out for indie publication by Q1 2014.  I still have one more story to publish this year--Gabriel's Hope, an inspirational novella--and then it's to work on some larger projects.

Also, I have a few short stories I'm going to submit to traditional markets, for I want to be a more hybrid author.

(A hybrid author, if you don't know, is one who self-publishes as well as publishes through traditional means)

How are your goals for this year coming along?

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