Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who Is Your Perfect Candidate?

Imagine, for a minute, the perfect candidate, whether it be for President or Congress or even your local government.

Got a picture of him or her set in your mind?  Good.

This candidate thinks like you do, supports what you do, and votes the way you want.  They start programs you want, is on your side of the issues, and even if they make a few blunders, you shrug your shoulders and dismiss it.

Still have a picture of your perfect candiate?  It may or may not be one of these guys, but for tonight let's just take this race.

Still have the perfect candidate visualized in your mind, saying the perfect phrases you agree with and supporting your values?


Now . . . imagine that candiate switches political parties.

He or she still says the same things as before, but you have now colored them in a different light.  The light of the Other Side.

Do you still support them?  Are they still your perfect candiate?

How much of what your perfect candidate does has to do with what political party they stand in?

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