Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finishing what you started

Last week was our tri-weekly writers' group meeting.  Evelyn and myself were the only attendants.  After sharing our works, we discussed blogs.  Evelyn is creating one, however is having troubles coming up with a name.  Ironically, her name is taken as a blog name . . . even though the person who took it hasn't done anything in years.

She writes a weekly column for the local newspaper, so I suggested using the name of her column as the title.  No go there either.  Taken.  So is a slight variation.  It's very irritating.

Earlier this year, I was toying around with starting another blog for a project I was working on.  I had a devil of a time finding a name that wasn't taken.

Then, for laughs, I tried some of my favorite authors and movies, to see if anyone had taken them.  Sure enough, all were taken.  But was anything done with them?


Why, oh why, would one ever start a blog, taking a great name, and not do anything with it?  Does it surprise me?  Not in the least.  It seems like I meet and hear about tons of people who either have ideas for books or projects or businesses . . . only to do nothing with those ideas.  If you do start and continue at it, you are in an elite club--you are a finisher.  Or, at least, you're using the vehicle in which you created for yourself.

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