Friday, October 26, 2012

Happenings In The Outhouse 26-Oct-2012 / Two new blogs and a Preacher

This week I've been working diligently on the final four chapters of Beholder's Eye.  That would be chapters 58-61.  There is also an Afterword, as I've previously said, but of the story itself, there are only four left.

Definitely the home stretch.  And it feels great!

Speaking of Beholder's Eye, I started two new blogs earlier this week, dedicated to this thriller and upcoming novels in the series.  They are:

Twin Cities Crime Blogger - a fictional blog based on one of the characters in the novel, Dexter Grant, who at one point was considered a suspect in the serial killings.

Minneapolis VCU - a fictional blog charting the progress of the two main characters, Kolin Raynes and Simon Templeton, who are investigators of the Minneapolis PD's Violent Crime Unit (VCU). **Note: as of November 4th, 2012, this blog has been changed - please see the blog post dated 09-Nov-2012 for the updated link**

As I chart my increased progress these last few months, I attribute it to a few factors: first, I am nearing the end, which pushes me to go on with more intensity--it's amazing when I can see the finish line, the more focused and determined I become; second, I have been getting up a bit earlier (around 5am), as I've discovered that working in the mornings have been more productive than at night.  I attribute this to a guy named Eric Thomas AKA the Hip Hop Preacher.  He has an inspirational story he tells about a guy who wants to be successful and asks a guru for the secret--a secret that can be boiled down into this one phrase:

"When you want to succeed as bad as
you want to breathe, then you will be
I subscribe to ET's YouTube videos and also have his app on my Android phone.  This week he posted a video regarding procrastination and driving yourself to finish what you said you were going to finish.  Enjoy!

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