Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where Do I Get My Ideas?

This isn't a blog about where I think ideas come from.  Instead, there are a lot of mundane chores/tasks I do that are a breeding ground for ideas--at least for me.  Here they are:

 - Driving

 - Mowing the lawn

 - Washing dishes

 - Going to the bathroom (this is usually limited because I typically read while doing this)

 - Folding clothes

 - Eating

 - Taking a bath/shower

 - Listening to music (this is typically for classical or soundtrack music--think John Williams here--but I've been known to listen to hard rock from time to time)

 - Trying to fall asleep

This isn't mutually exclusive, but it gives you an idea (no pun intended) of where I've come up with ideas for stories.

Do you have any special places where story ideas have sparked up?

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