Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime Blues

The weather warms up.

The kids are out of school.

Vacationing or camping seems to be the order of the day for many of our summers.

Don't put your dreams on hold during these summer months.  Use them wisely as before.  For myself, with the kids not in school, I find I actually have a little more time in the morning to write.  The flip-side are the nights.  With no school, and the point of darkness growing later and later, the bedtime hours for my children seems to keep stretching farther down the path.  Hours-wise, I seem to have the same amount because I work more in the mornings.

How about the weekends?  If you want, bring your laptop.  Or, do what I do, and print out pages of the chapters I'm working on and bring them with on your trip.  It may be a great conversation piece when you're sitting on a lawn chair, with 20-30 pages on your lap, and someone walks up to you and asks what you're doing.

"Working on my novel."

"Really?  Almost done?"

"I've got 200 done so far.  I think another 200 will finish it."

Be mindful of all your time, regardless of where you're at.  Don't come up with excuses not to do something.  Brainstorm ways in which you can still accomplish something.

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