Friday, June 8, 2012

Down and out in the Outhouse 08-June-2012

This week saw the completion of not one, but three chapters: 25-27.  This brings the completion percentage up to 62%

Chapters 26-27 were a bit of a challenge because they were short--three pages each to start with.  In working through each one, making sure I was showing where I could show, and expanding a few passages, 26 ended up with still 3 pages (but they're full pages whereas before it was a few sentences into the 3rd page) and 27 was at 4.

Here's something for fun--a catchy tune by Toby Keith, which has probably caused a huge sales spike in these little red drink containers.  I caught it one night when he was on Jay Leno, not knowing it was already a viral hit.

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