Friday, June 22, 2012

Happenings in the Outhouse 22-June-2012 / Can't say I have nothing to do

This week, I've been delving deeper and deeper into chapters 28-30.  I've even taken out large chunks of the story which didn't seem to add any to the story but at the time I wrote them I wanted them in.  Funny how that is, that you may love something you wrote so long ago, only to find that it doesn't enhance your story at all.

I will note here that although chapter 30 is fairly short at three pages, chapter 29 (I take on a different POV entirely, delving into a possible suspect and his past) is eleven.  My average page length is around six pages.  This is not a hard and fast rule for me (James Patterson is the King of the Short Chapter - whereas almost 100% of his chapters are 2-3 pages - I might add I did read a 5 page chapter once and nearly fell off my chair).

On Wednesday was our writers' group meeting--our writers' group is called Permanent Ink--but no one was able to be around for it except me.  Our group has been together, in our small community, for nine years now.  Only two of us remain from the original group, and what an eclectic sort we've had in that time, from world-class poets and playwrights to Christian inspirational writers and fantasy novelists.  All of us have aspired towards publication, and the other original member Evelyn has had numerous smaller pieces published, along with a weekly column in our local newspaper and is a very accomplished speaker.  The past few sessions we've discussed either self-publishing her work or finding an agent/publisher.  She has a mountain of material that I know would make her a smashing success.

Speaking of writers, I want to add this cute little video.  My daughter wrote a little story called "When Mom Came Back" which was inspired by her mother finally coming home after spending most of last year in Rochester, MN, battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Enjoy!

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