Monday, April 2, 2012

When things go bad

Last week was not a very good week.  It had nothing to do with my wife's health or even the health of my children.  I knew much of my life had to do with being connected through this blog or any of the other social media outlets.

My laptop went down.


It all started Monday night when the screen started flickering.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but when I started working on it Tuesday, the screen flickered so bad at times that I thought the laptop was going to blow up--not literally, but you get my meaning.  The flickering screen would go on for four or five minutes and then stop.  Well, like anybody nowadays when a challenge sets itself up, I consult Dr. Google.

With the dual partnership with YouTube (yes, I know they're on in the same company), I discovered a myriad of diagnosis: ranging from a loose connector to a fried motherboard.  I consulted with a guy I work with, and even with a relative, who came to the same conclusion: try hooking an external monitor to it.

Great!  I have two!  Unfortunately, one didn't work and the other wasn't working either . . . however, as of yesterday, I did hook one of them up and it miraculously works.  I'm still searching for a new laptop, but will need to save for it.

Luckily, how I write this blog is simple: on weekends or the week before I write out the five blogs for the next week.  In this case, it worked out because my blogs were scheduled and released without a hitch, and all without the world knowing the problems.

But now I'm writing this on Sunday night and if I happen to skip a day (I'm hoping this shouldn't happen) you know it's because the laptop is acting up again and I haven't frequented the computer store to get a new one.

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