Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I did wrong with the use of flashbacks in my first novel.

Keeping on task with our talk about flashbacks, let me be the first to admit that in my first novel--the deer hunting horror story I wrote back in college--I used a lot of flashbacks.  And I mean a lot.  In the first three chapters!

The bulk of the book was relatively flashback-free, but I used up my store of flashbacks in the first three chapters, with three alone in the first chapter.

A huge no-no!

Okay, I know this now, but I didn't then.

In the editing process, I've eliminated most of them from these chapters and have sprinkled a few to later chapters.  When I plan on going through this book again--when, I have no idea, but it's fair to say that it'll be years before that book will ever see publication--I'll chop it up even more and strike . . . well, all of them.  Looking at it now, all of the flashbacks I used were amateurish and completely useless to the telling of the story.

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