Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More writing excuses

As a continuation of yesterday's blog, this was inspired by a podcast from Writing Excuses posted a few weeks ago.

What are your excuses?

Mine, whenever it comes up, seems to be geared around time.  Not nearly enough, even though everyone has the same amount.  Some people accomplish great things with the same amount of time of others who do little more than get up, go to work, come home, watch hours of mindless TV, and go to bed.

I've had to work extremely hard to keep myself on track with my writing.  Keeping up with this blog has helped immensely, especially when I made it a commitment to write a post every weekday (M-F).  And when I say I'm going to do something, I typically don't like to go back on my word.

Unless I really, really have to.

I thought I'd have to put the writing on hold, temporarily, when I had computer problems.  Even though they're not completely fixed (and I still have yet to get a new laptop/computer), I found a way around it, for now, and have continued to write.

I've also made a commitment to get up around 5:30 every morning (M-F) and write until 7:00.  I tried getting up at 6:00 and for some reason I found it difficult.  So why isn't 5:30 even harder?

Look at what's holding you back and brainstorm how you're going to fix it.  With my early-to-rise mentality, I've also had to go to bed earlier.  I made a commitment to my children that they have to be getting ready for bed by a certain time, and after they're tucked away I sit down and write.

What's holding you back?

What's your excuses?

Then, please share how you're overcome those obstacles.

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