Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The amazing power of Walt Disney World

Having just spent an amazing time over the Christmas holiday down and in Orlando, with five full days at the Walt Disney World themeparks Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios, one word went through my mind: fun.

Then, as the days went along, I grew utterly amazed at the power of Walt Disney's longtail.

As writers, we hope to one day have an arsenal of stories that will make ourselves financial secure--some have only done it with one or two stories, but those are quite the rarity.  Most writers who can crank out thirty or forty or fifty-plus novels can be financially set, when you look at the longtail.

The longtail is the trail of works you've created.  Take Walt Disney.  There were rides featuring Peter Pan, Swiss Family Robinson, Dumbo, Monster's Inc., and the list goes on.  Most of these movies were made far before I was even born.  And yet they still cause one to wonder and have fun.

In your writing business, don't think short term.  Create for a lifetime.  Long-term.  Not just next month or next year.  But the next few decades.  Where do you want to be?

Now start creating it.

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