Friday, January 24, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 24-Jan-2014 / My latest Kindle Countdown promotion

Last week, I had a Kindle Countdown promotion for Beholder's Eye.

It was a grand success.

Okay, I did not sell millions of copies (or even hundreds, for that matter), but I tripled sales from the last promotion in November.  In fact, I sold more at $1.99 than I did at $.99--go figure.

The highest my Amazon ranking for Beholder's Eye was 18,637.  When it crept up into the forties, I was excited.  I envisioned breaking into the thirties.  Then I did it.

Okay, I thought.  I'd love to get it into the twenties.

I did that too.

I thought the teens was something I could never do.  But I put out one final tweet--keep in mind, on my last promotion, I tweeted a lot; not so much this time--with about 10 hours left and in that time I sold 8 copies.  That was enough to push it into the teens: 18,637 to be exact.

Shadowkill is still going strong in the edits.  I'm pushing to be done by the end of February.  Now that I have a self-imposed deadline, something happens in my mind that cements it and envisions what is needed to succeed.

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