Friday, January 17, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 17-Jan-2014 / The advantage of snow days

I've listed in Minnesota all my life and there is one thing that always changes: the weather.  From severe sub-zero temperatures to near record highs, all in the matter of days.

These past few days, those of us who live in northwestern Minnesota have had harsh blizzard conditions.  Conditions that cause the area school districts to cancel school altogether.  I'm taking advantage of these, as I do not have to get the kids up at the usual time.  This allows me more time to write.

Shadowkill is coming along nicely.  My goal is within the next month or so to be able to get it published onto the Amazon KDP site.

For those parents who also deal with snow days, take advantage of the extra time.  Instead of sleeping in--oh, I was so tempted to do this--I was able to write more.

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