Monday, March 11, 2013

What I listen to - Adventure in Sci-Fi Publishing

"And now, pod-structed on a zeppelin by an apprentice mage, and delivered by rocketship to a benevolent dragon . . . Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing."  And so is the vivid introduction of a highly successful science fiction and fantasy podcast titled Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, produced by author Shaun Farrell.

Ever want to hear from bestselling science fiction/fantasy authors and editors like Kevin J. Anderson, Lou Anders, James Enge, Mark Teppo, Jason Denzel, Travis Heermann, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Eric Flint, Ari Marmell, Peter Orullian, Tobias Buckell, and several more, then the Adventures In Sci-Fi Publishing Podcast is one of the best places to turn to.

Shaun recently reformated the show for 2013 to allow for more, and shorter, podcasts, which I for one was very pleased to experience.  For longer interviews, there is typically a part 1 and 2, bringing the majority of podcasts right at the 30 minute magic number.

Interviewees include: Shaun, Moses Siregar III, and Brent Bowen.  The questions asked by in these accomplished podcasts are not your typical "how did you get published" or "what is your writing style like".  They delve into the heart of each author, bringing out their masterful techniques and thoughts on the business of writing.

They currently have over 200 episodes (number 200 brought out an amazing interview with Lou Anders, accomplished editor of Pyr Books), so be sure to go back and listen to hours and hours of amazing interviews with Adventures In Sci-Fi Publishing.

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