Friday, March 1, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 01-Mar-2013 / Loving Google's Street View

I am currently on the 21st chapter of my alternative military fiction novel, with 23,714 words written.  The last few chapters have been fun because I've looked at the characters more closely and how to up the tension.  I also had the characters running around Washington D.C., a town I have never been to.

Thank God for Google Maps Street View.

Oddly enough--well, okay may not--some of the areas I wanted to go didn't have a street view, so I had to improvise the best I could.

I'm still querying away, looking for agents.  I also found myself listening to an old podcast from the Creative Penn, where Joanna interviewed Dean Wesley Smith..  It was interesting because most of his advice was centered on NOT getting an agent.  Then, I gave myself a deadline: if I have not found an interested agent by June 1st, I will self-publish Beholder's Eye.

The fuse is lit.

I also shared a short story this week in our tri-weekly writers' group.  They liked it.  It's a sci-fi story that needs a little tweaking, and then I plan on submitting it to the Writers of the Future contest.

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