Friday, March 22, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 22-Mar-2013 / Reviewing my 2013 goals

I have nearly 28,000 words written on my alternative military history novel so far, and am currently on chapter 24 (and to top it all off, I added a love interest that I have no intention of ever having - I love not being an outliner).  After a week and a half hiatus--where I not only battled illness, lower back pain, and muscle strain--I also organized what I plan on working on next once this book is done.  There is also something I'm going to be doing while I work at my day job as I cannot take the first draft of the book with me--okay, I really could but the logistics would be difficult--so I'll try juggling two writing projects at once.

I also came to a realization when I reviewed how my 2013 goals are sitting so far.  I've accomplished a few things already, but now I find myself tweaking the goals list.  I then decided that even though I'm going to set my yearly goals, I'm also going to be reviewing these quarterly as my knowledge expands and I decide to change a few things.

Hence, I came up with a revised 2013 goals list.  This is between me and God (or whoever you call the Ultimate Being, if you so believe in one; if you don't then it's just for yourself - the choice is up to you).  There were some things that I wanted to accomplish but was already doing: blogging, attending my writers' group on a regular basis.

I have five completed novels written so far--and working on number six, of course.  This week, I've decided to tackle editing (again) my third novel titled Fog Islands.  And, if all goes well, I'll self-publish it later this year.  But first, I want to edit Guest of Honor and self-publish that first.

Speaking of self-publishing, you may remember I self-published a little wedding ebook in 2012 titled 99 Ways To Have A Memorable Wedding On A Shoestring Budget.  In fact, I'm coming up on the one-year anniversary for it.  Now, I don't necessarily want to hang a lantern on this, but if you click on this link for the ebook, I have a single 2-star rating.  This came about a month ago.  Although it may be an honest review, and am delighted someone at least reviewed it, the comments do seem a little unfair--okay, the reviewer calls it common sense yet it's a fact that hordes of couples go into huge amounts of debt for their weddings each year.  I show a few simple things you can do to assist with that.  I disagree it's common sense (and someone else flagged the comment as not helpful, so thanks for the one who did that).  If you've bought the book, please give an honest review.  I don't expect a 5-star, but even a bunch of 3s would be helpful.  I'm not angry at the reviewer (and I've taken up enough of this post for it now) because hell even the top bestselling authors get 1- or 2- star reviews.

Also, I didn't publish the ebook for any huge literary merit or to make tons of money on it--I have made some, so no complaints there.  I published it because it was the right next step for my writing career--despite a few people making fun of me, I could freaking care less what they think (I've accomplished something very few have the guts to do . . . so there!)

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