Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writers aren't the only ones who don't like (or understand) marketing

Not far from my house, a neighbor is remodeling their house.  A local construction company is doing the work.  But I'd never know they are.

In a town ten miles to the north, another construction company is putting up a pole shed.  Once again, I don't know what company it is.

Here's my third example: in a larger town twenty-three miles away, there is a hospital being built.  Who's doing the work?  No clue.

Okay, I don't mean to pick on contractors (this could be any business) but these are three blatant examples of businesses doing work that others can watch the progress on.  What if someone thought, "They're doing a nice job.  I wonder who they are.  I should hire them."  Unless you take the time to get out of your car and ask them, you'll never know.

I've talked about my friend from the Twin Cities before, the one who's a contractor.  In front of all of his projects, he has a large white trailer.  Know what's on the side?

Now who'll get the business?

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