Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why it's good that most writers aren't interested in marketing.

Most writers aren't interested in marketing their work.  They'd just as soon spend hours upon hours on end doing nothing but writing.

And that's good.

For me.

Me and those also willing to market their work.

It's a fact that writing--the actual creative process, AKA the sitting-your-butt-in-a-chair-and-doing-the-work--is only part of your job as a writer.  The other part is under the umbrella of the M-word: marketing.

I am going to give you two quick resources to help you in this:

1) Check out Seth Godin.  Subscribe to his blog so you do not miss one single bit of nugget from him.  In fact, get all of his books and read them.  I mean, all of them.  Some may have been written several years ago, but they are as close to timeless as you can get.  If you do nothing else but read Seth, and do what he says, you'll be set.

2) Career Coach Dan Miller is a great inspiration for anyone wanting to find "work that you love."  He has daily blogs, a weekly 48-minute podcast, and has tons of resources for those who want learn more about marketing their work.  On his worksheets tab, he has a free download of 48 Marketing Tips.

Marketing can become a habit, if you recognize just how easy it is.  Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube effectively and you'll have the makings of building a strong marketing arm for your writing business.

Because it all starts with having the mindset of a businessperson, running your writing empire like a business.

But, if you don't want to do it, and think that publishing companies and literary agents will come clawing at your door (this works if you're a nobody - if you're Donald Trump or Snookie, you're a leg up on the rest of us), you're going to be in for a big surprise when nobody's going to be knocking.

To answer the question asked in the title of this blog, "Why it's good that most writers aren't interested in marketing," it's because that means that those who do market their work, we'll sell more books.

(For those who are planning a wedding, or know of anyone who's planning a wedding, be sure to check out my Kindle ebook 99 Ways To Have A Memorable Wedding On A Shoestring Budget).

That's how easy it is.

Well, okay, there's a bit more to it than that, but it is a small piece of it.

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