Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I Listen To - Dan Miller

Last week, I told you that the first podcast that I listened to was Dave Ramsey.  Springboarding from that, I started listening to his friend, career coach Dan Miller.

Once a week, Dan launches another podcast.  These are around 48 minutes long, and it is centered around helping others find work that they'll love, whether it's creating a business or getting a job.  It seems odd, Dan will tell you, to think about finding a work that you just love to do.  Many think that in order for that to happen, you can't make any money.  Perish the thought.  Dan, each and every week, answers listeners' multiple questions on how to do this.  He doesn't pull any punches either.  If the business idea you have is not a very smart one, he'll tell you.  Then, he'll tell you how to turn it around and have a fresh idea.

Dan draws upon a variety of sources for his wisdom.  He's a ferocious reader, gobbling up book after book.  There is rarely a podcast that he doesn't mention a book to read or a person's blog to follow, passing upon his vast knowledge of finding your own passion.  Dan is also an author of bestselling books such as 48 Days to the Work you Love and No More Dreaded Mondays, both of which I highly recommend.

As an added bonus, Dan has put together an online community of individuals who are either seeking to find work that they love or are actually doing it.  It is called 48 Days.Net, of which I am also a member.

For the longest time, until I discovered other podcasters, Dave and Dan were the two I listened to.  From there, I discovered other voices, authors, and bloggers such as Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, John Maxwell, and many more.

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