Friday, August 3, 2012

Happenings In The Outhouse 03-Aug-2012 / Sorry Charlie Brown

This week saw the completion of chapters 37-39 of Beholder's Eye.  Chapter-wise, I'm 2/3 done.

Okay, Snoopy-Dance time!

What's next, you ask me?  Chapters 40-42.  Chapter 41 is a doozy too.  It's 10 pages long, at the moment.  What it'll look like after this editing round . . . well, it's a little too late to tell.  What's interesting about chapter 41 is that there is a minor character in it who you see in a very different light.  The first time our main character Kolin meets him, he is the most arrogant prick you've ever met.  This time, you see a more tender side of him, as he helps Kolin out in the serial murder case he's working on.

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