Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Power Of Rising Early

I've been there, got that, even have the T-shirt.

What am I talking about?  The snooze button.  Mr. Snooze will let you sleep in for as long as you want.

But if you want to become successful, you better learn how to control getting up in the morning.

I've studied a lot of successful people, and although many of their habits are similar (working hard, even in the face of dire adversity, and striving to excel) there is another habit many successful people share that sets them apart from the rest: they wake up early.

Try it sometime.  Get up 30-60 minutes before you normally do.  Many bestselling authors get up between 5:00 and 5:30 in the morning.  Fantasy author Peter Orullian gets up at 3:30am.  And he even works a full-time job at Microsoft to boot!

If anything try it for 30 days.  Set a goal of getting up an hour before you normally do.  This may mean going to bed earlier too, but that's okay.  Try it for 30 days and then review what you've accomplished.

You can do it.

Start it now.  The very next day.

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