Monday, March 19, 2012

Where in the world is Marilyn Hagerty?

You've met Carmen Sandiego.  Then there was Waldo.  Now, someone new has stepped up onto the scene.

Marilyn Hagerty

Hailing from Grand Forks, North Dakota, where she works for the Grand Forks Herald, she took the world by storm by a review of the local Olive Garden restaurant.  She was just doing her job, something she's done with passion for . . . well, decades.  How many can say that?

And, in watching or reading her interviews, she says that she'll continue to do it next week and the week after that . . .

So, where in the world is Marilyn Hagerty?

As of this writing, she's probably in Grand Forks, doing what she loves.  Okay, the better question is: where has she been?


She was recently in New York City, Manhattan, for a media whirlwind tour.  She was even interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Through it all, she's telling it like it is.

The truth.

As she sees it.

Maybe a detour into politics is in order.

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