Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Was the John Carter film a failure?

I will admit, I haven't seen the new John Carter film.  Not sure if I will--in the theaters--but it'll be one that I'll rent.  And if it's good enough, I'll buy the DVD.

I don't go to a movie simply because of a review, or a set of reviews, and yesterday seemed to be the day of "John Carter Sucks" news.  Here's one such post from the Chicago Suntimes, which tells the world that John Carter may be Disney's biggest flop of all time.

I'm sorry, the movie hasn't even been out two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  Are you kidding me?

Okay, Mark, why aren't you seeing it?  I haven't seen many movies lately in the theaters, more or less due to economic reasons and also because I'm caring for my wife, who's still recovering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  I have to really pick and choose the movies I go see.

Prior to all this, there was a lot of talk about Disney mispromoting the movie--okay, it's based on an old Edgar Rice Burroughs series "John Carter of Mars".  I never knew this when I saw the movie trailer.  I thought the trailer was cool--granted, it's nothing more than a selling tool for any movie--and it was clearly a science fiction/fantasy type movie, which is right up my alley.

I'm not sure if I agree that Disney mispromoted it.  They should've just promoted it as the next biggest sci-fi movie, and in the credits just mentioned that it was based on a series by Burroughs.  That's it.  Leave it at that.  Fans of the movie would've undoubtedly searched out the books on Amazon.

For crying out loud, give a movie more than two weeks to prove itself.  I know many movies that were considered flops at the box office but got the bulk of their revenue from the DVD sales.  That may happen here, because after yesterday's series of bad reviews, not many theaters will probably carry it after that.


  1. Additionally, I'll say right here and now that I've never read anything by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Sad, but true. This is the guy who also created Tarzan. Burroughs is definitely on my to-read list in the very-near future. Anyone else out there read the books? Your thoughts?

  2. let me start buy saying.....big Tarzan Fan!..i dont read books , nut the movies and cartoons rocked. I simply don't go to the movies unless absolutely runs about $60 for the family....i can think of a lot better things to do with that money....and if it is not that great it will be on demand or dvd in 2 months...not like in the 80's when you had to wait almost a year to see it again on vhs!
    thanks for listening...kregg out!