Friday, September 2, 2016

The perfect swing / Happenings In The Outhouse 02-Sept-2016

First of all, this is blog post number . . . (drum roll) . . . 700!

Hard to believe this all started in June 2010, just a mere 6 years ago.

One bit of news before we talk about the subject this week.  Shades Of Darkness, the fourth novel in the Central Division Series is complete.  Final edits are taken care of, and as of now it looks like it will be released 12-Sept-2016.  When it's available for preorder, I will provide a link and a separate post.

What is the perfect swing?

I equate this with golf, a sport I am most familiar with, but this could be with any sport (I know, I'm not much of a sports fan, but trust me, I won't take long to get to my point).  I played basketball up until 7th grade and golf throughout my high school career.  There were times when I would toss the ball to the basket and just knew it would go in.  The same with golf.  I knew the hits that just made the ball soar higher, straighter, and farther.

Professional athletes do this more often than amateurs.  Countless hours of practice have given them the muscle memory to do it over and over again, in a variety of situations.

Writers can have the equivalent of a perfect swing too.  And again, professionals experience it more often than amateurs, but what separates the two is plain sit-butt-in-chair-time.  Deliberate time, but time nonetheless.

Have you ever written a paragraph, page, scene, or even chapter and just sat back afterwards, exhilarated at what you had accomplished?  I'm sure most of us had.  These are words that, when it comes to editing, it more than likely is the most clean.

There were a number of scenes and chapters in Shades Of Darkness that were like this.  They were super fun to write, and even more fun to re-read.

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