Friday, September 9, 2016

Revisiting the perfect swing / Happenings In The Outhouse 09-Sept-2016

Last week, we discussed the perfect swing and how it relates to authors.

I wanted to revisit it again because I find it an interesting topic.  Have you, as a writer, ever sat down to write and completely lost time, where the words flow out of you without little effort?

I'm sure you have.

Yes, there are times when (myself included) I have to pull, push, twist, and shove the words out of my brain and onto the virtual page.  Oddly enough, most of my blog posts are written in a single draft (with very little editing, save for fixing incorrect grammar or adding to something I had written).  Right now, I'm almost done with a Halloween-themed novella.  It's something I got the idea for in mid-October last year.

Just the other day, I brought my laptop to work . . . and the words just flowed without effort.  There were areas where I didn't plan on exploring before, making the story that much more richer.

The more and more you write, the more times you will experience this.  It's a great feeling, getting lost in the words you're putting down.  Don't stop to edit what you had just written.  Just keep writing.

And have fun.

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