Friday, September 23, 2016

Grave Secrets / Happenings In The Outhouse 23-Sept-2016

In mid-October 2015, I was thinking about writing stories geared towards the holidays, and not only did I come up with one, I came up with two.

Grave Secrets is the first one.  It's a Halloween-themed suspense mystery novelette, and it is currently available at all of your favorite e-retailers.

Here's the synopsis:

Five teenagers. In the woods. At night. On Halloween. What could possibly go wrong?

No one has seen Old Man Cronkite in two weeks. But Tim and his friends go on the Night Ride anyway, hoping the elderly hermit bachelor is planning an elaborate Halloween prank.

But the night doesn’t turn out as planned. Will they be able to keep their deep, dark secret? Will someone discover the truth behind what they did?

Now, I mentioned at the beginning that I had come up with two holiday-themed stories.  I am currently writing the second one, this one centered around Christmas.  This new one will be a departure of the majority of my stories, save for Gabriel's Hope and possibly my short story A.K.A. Anonymous.  I will share my progress, as I do all of my other novels.

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