Friday, September 30, 2016

Confusion with newsletter subscribers / Happenings In The Outhouse 30-Sept-2016

A few days ago, I sent out a newsletter regarding my two new releases: Shades Of Darkness (Book 4 in the Central Division Series) and Grave Secrets: A Halloween Mystery Suspense Novelette.

Much to my surprise, I had over 600 subscribers.  For any normal person, this would cause great excitement.  Here's the problem: Mailchimp (the e-mail subscriber I use) sends me an e-mail after each subscription . . . and I know darn well that my number wasn't that high.  I won't disclose how many, but it certainly wasn't that many.

I sent the newsletter without looking at the list.

Then, I started to get unsubscribes and bounce-backs.  Bounce-backs are from e-mails that simply do not exist.

As I looked into each subscriber, many had funky names like 5764g113bn82.  Now, I know no parent would name their child this, let alone well over 550.

I then started deleting these subscribers.  Unfortunately, I think I deleted my entire list--in fact, I know I did.  I can still look over the list I sent on the last newsletter blast, which I'll probably end up doing.

Currently, I working on the first draft of a Christmas-themed novel.  I am roughly 5,500 words into it and it's going well.  I will share more when it gets closer to done, like the title, synopsis, and the cover.

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