Friday, October 16, 2015

Writing Your Own Autobiography / Happenings In The Outhoues 16-Oct-2015

Earlier this year, I had some medical issues which drastically affected my life.  Especially my writing.  I won't expound on them here--and ironically this week I have been down at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN getting myself checked out further--but when I look at my life, I always think about someone's biography.

At what chapter would I be in now?

I like to feel that I am in a brief chapter, near the beginning of the book, titled BRIEF MEDICAL HIATUS.  I am still producing words, although not as much as I'd like.  I did take the advice of publishing shorter works, so I have five short stories (please click on this link for a full list) and another five I need to polish up.

I am also working on the third novel in the Central Division Series, and have plans in the works for the fourth and fifth in the series.

As far as your own autobiography, no matter how old you are, treat your life as if where you are is near the beginning.  You have a whole lot to accomplish.

Think Colonel Sanders.  Assuming he "retired" at age 65, he started the KFC franchise not long after and lived until he was 90.  What did he do before retiring?  Doesn't matter.  It's what happened after that made a difference and created a multi-billion dollar empire.

Where are you at?  Treat your life as if it's just starting.

Go forth and conquer.  The world needs you. Start it today.  Not tomorrow.  On your mark, get set . . . GO!

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